Report on Prior Years' Funds

Actual Trustlands Funding 2019-2020

Final Report 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share with you an update on our annual grant from the Utah School Land Trust. During the 2019-2020 school year, we received $69,000 from the trust. These funds were all used to pay wages for instructional aides, our take-home librarian, and after-school club coaches. We also used a portion of the grant to help supplement our art teacher’s salary. The original Beverley Taylor Sorensen Foundation grant used for her position only paid her for a 1/2 time position. We needed to pay her more so that she can be at our school in a 2/3 time position. We so appreciate all the personnel that are paid for by Trustlands. They truly help us to get a little closer to our vision of being the best STEAM school anywhere!